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Corporate Coverage offers Transit & Parking Administration benefit services for companies that need guidance in providing transit solutions to their employees at an affordable rate.

Transit & Parking Administration Solutions:

  • Employers AND employees reduce their taxes by simply offering an IRS Section 132 Transit and Parking Plan!
  • Employees who pay for parking while at work may elect to deduct up to $270/month(2021) pre-tax from their pay. This reduces their payroll and income taxes.
  • Employers benefit by paying less payroll taxes.
  • Employees who pay for Mass Transit to commute to work can elect to deduct up to $265/month pre-tax. This also provides employers with payroll tax savings; and employees with payroll and income tax savings.
  • Benefits can be funded by employer or employee contributions.
  • Annual enrollment elections (like Flexible Spending Accounts) are not necessary.
  • Claims are usually paid with debit card requiring minimal substantiation.
  • Section 132 plans are not subject to discrimination testing like FSA/Dependent Care plans.

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